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    Each pair of SPARX underwear is constructed using advanced moisture wicking fabric while the internal KANGA pouch keeps the boys high and dry meaning you will be walking around in a state of heavenly comfort.


    Australia: (1 pair: $6.95) (2 or more: FREE)

    World: (Min order of 3 pairs: FREE)

    Comfort Guarantee

    Wear em’ and if it doesnt feel like an angel is gentally cupping your boys just send them back


    The Pouch

    3D internal pouch seperates the joeys from the legs


    Made using advanced moisture wicking quick-dry fabric

    Hands Free

    Seperates the boys from the legs so you don’t have to adjust

    Stay cool

    The pouch provides extra space which decreases temperature

    Performance Fabric

    Each pair of SPARX underwear is constructed using advanced moisture wicking quick dry fabric designed to be worn from the outback to the beach and anywhere in between.

    Flatlock stitching

    Even the stitching has been carefully sewn to ensure that it won’t be rubbing you the wrong way.

    No Roll Waistband

    A waistband that will stay put. Simple as that. It is also pretty easy on the eyes if we don’t say so ourself.

    Killer Prints

    All our prints are designed in and inspired by that Australian lifestyle and are guranteed to catch some eyes.